Who are Dry Aged Steak Co. ? 

We're the UK's First dry aged steak subscription. With field to front door ethos, here in Yorkshire we age each individual steak for 40 to 70 days, ensuring a uniquely rich taste and melting texture. Each box we post includes our butchers best picks, so your first delivery maybe a tender fillet and the next a juicy ribeye. 

How it works

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Pick a Plan

Choose from our two services

which have steaks hand selected by our butchers

each month 


Select your Delivery

Choose from our available

delivery dates to receive your

steaks and we will deliver right to your door.


‘Steak that!’

Sit back and enjoy our unique steak with any of our carefully thought side dish recommendations and complimentary steak accompaniments.


  • Steak! Dry Aged from 40-72 days to ensure flavour and texture. Each cut is handpicked by our butcher the morning before posting, so you'll get the best there possibly is!
  • A helping hand, we are aware not everyone out there is a whizz in the kitchen, so we've noted some essential cooking tips and recipe reccomendations down for you. 
  • Our exclusive rock salt to help give you the perfect seasoning to your steak. 
  • Dry Aged Steak Co Gift with every first order.