Butchers Notes

Steak is most definitely my passion. Whether if its preparing it, cooking it or eating it I feel there is a story to be told. Meat has always been a staple part of my diet, with butchery in my blood it’s kind of a given. My Dad Tim has had a big influence on not only my life but also my two sisters Amy & Lily, not only his work ethic but his passion for good quality meat. He has escalated our family business A.Laverack & Son to become a house hold name in East Yorkshire and paved the way for me and my sisters to now push the business to new heights. Of course he wouldn’t have been able to do this without our mum Dawn who has definitely given me the love of cooking and guided me in my journey of learning how to cook. The importance of family is huge to me, we are very lucky to now all work within the family business and see each other every day whether it is at work or socially! As a family we most definitely have a the motto of ‘work hard, play harder!’. This gives us great grounding in the fact we love coming to work each and every day to allow us to enjoy the things in life that are there to be enjoyed. With us now operating a 3 retail sites and running a successful wholesaling business we have a lot on our hands, working long hours with early morning starts but I firmly believe we couldn’t do it without one another.  


With the world we live in today I put forward my proposal to create the Dry Aged Steak Co in January of 2021 to the board of directors (the family). There has been a massive surge in recent years to not only buying meat online but subscription services. Allowing customers to kick back and have everything delivered right to their doorstep. I felt there was a big enough gap in the market for us to dip our toe in the water if you might say. With my younger sister Lily freshly into the family business we decided we could find the time to get things off the ground. With a little help we feel we have created a unique brand that stands out from our competitors. We also believe our product is the best you can get in Dry Aged Steaks. I hand select all of our beef to enter the dry ageing process all purchased from local livestock markets the beef is all Yorkshire produce. From there on in our fridges do the rest, doing so by controlling the temperature and humidity the beef is then able to ‘decay’ in an environment that is safe. Forming bacteria on the exposed sides of the meat that lock in all the flavour of the steak. When I butcher & prepare these I then trim away all the exterior to un-vial some pretty special steaks that I believe are un-rivalled.

Growing up & living in Yorkshire has allowed me to experience local produce like no other. In Gods own country we have wonderful farmers & producers that allow business to thrive of the brand that is YORKSHIRE. This is why we were so excited to launch Dry Aged Steak Co, we wanted to show off what we have to offer not only as a company but as a county and be proud of it. What we love about creating the Dry Aged Steak Co is that we can now send our steaks across all four corners of the UK, showcasing different cuts of steak and ageing them for various lengths of time allowing our customers to experience a unique offering with every order.

Whether you are wanting the perfect date night, ultimate BBQ or just a lover of steak Dry Aged Steak Co defiantly has an offering for you. I believe that steak is always better shared and what better way to impress either family or friends with a steak from us. With the summer in full swing now our steaks are perfect on the BBQ, sliced up and seasoned with our handpicked flaked rock salt.

I can’t wait to see what Dry Aged Steak Co has to offer in the future, we keep learning each day as we continue on our journey in becoming the UK’s No1 steak subscription service.

Henry Laverack