Butchers Notes

With summer now just around the corner, we thought we'd let you know whats to come over July & August for our subscribers. For BBQ's and Beers with friends and family, Dry Aged Steak is this summers must have! 

Join our dry aged steak subscription now. You won't be dissapointed. 

July will see the return of the 12oz Sirloin, only this time having been aged for up to 60 days. The time taken to age this steak here is to enrich the steak with a flavour that will leave you speechless. With our April subscribers having already enjoyed a 45 Day Dry Aged Sirloin we'd like to think they can't wait to get stuck into this amazingly tender steak once again. 

Then we move onto August, praying for amazing sunshine so we can get out there with our dry aged steaks and show them off to friends and family on the BBQ. The ultimate BBQ steak will make its first appearance in our subscription, The Tomahawk. For Duo subscribers only, you will recieve one 40 Day Dry Aged 20oz Tomahawk steak (serves two). For our solo subscribers, our 10oz 40 Day Dry Aged Ribeye will return as we are sure you will have enjoyed it so much in June to be wanting more!