Butchers Notes

Here at the Dry Aged Steak Co., we’re big believers in sourcing locally-reared, grass-fed meat, ensuring premium quality cuts and also the most sustainable. Each week our butchers will select the best cuts to send straight to our customers that same day.

Using our tailored dry ageing process ensures Dry Aged Steaks Co cuts are chock-full of flavour like no other. Our unique ageing process actually creates conditions whereby the enzymes in the meat tissue begin to break down the fibres – and this is where the melting texture comes from.

Not only will the texture be different to your normal steaks, but the flavour is intensified in the process. We use premium Himalayan rock salt throughout our drying process, ensuring the correct moisture levels. Plus, our steaks are always aged to perfection, creating a nutty richer experience.

To give you some variety in our deliveries, each butcher’s cut you receive will have a different flavour as it will have been aged for a different duration. We ensure each steak is dry aged for at least 40 days, and some of our cuts are aged for up to 70 days, to create the perfect steak, every time.

Prior to cooking our steaks, we find it’s best to leave them at room temperature for a while, as this allows the meat to relax. Then we heat a pan with butter, and oil (to prevent the butter burning) and fry them. Overcooking your steaks is easy, so be super careful. Serve with chips, an Italian-inspired salad and possibly a sauce – although in our opinion, these steaks are so flavoursome they really need no accompaniment. Then tuck in!

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