Butchers Notes

“Whether it’s preparing steak, cooking it, or eating it,
there’s always a story to be told.”

Henry’s passion for good quality meat stems from his father, Tim, who grew his family butchers, A. Laverack & Son, into a household name in East Yorkshire. It was Tim, as well as Henry’s mother, Dawn, and her love of cooking, who enabled and inspired Henry and his sisters, Lily and Amy, to further expand the business into what it is today. With three retail sites and a wholesaling business, there is certainly a lot to manage, and Henry firmly believes that their success comes through working together. Undoubtedly, family lies at the heart of A. Laverack & Son, as well as the family’s newest venture: Dry Aged Steak Co.

Having launched the company in January 2021 in response to increasing opportunities online, Henry, alongside sister Lily, is now intent on making Dry Aged Steak Co. the No.1 steak subscription service in the UK. With the special process used to age the steak and his personal selection of beef from local livestock markets, Henry’s ambition is to create a product which is not only unique and high-quality, but which celebrates Yorkshire. Indeed, through Dry Aged Steak Co, Henry wishes to showcase the strengths of his company, but also of the county known as ‘God’s Own.’ Heading a local, personal and family-run company, there is little wonder that Henry’s central belief is that “steak is always better shared” (just make sure there’s enough to go around!).