Butchers Notes

Dry aged steak is unlike any other steak cut you will try. Depending on where you source your meat, the dry ageing process is a skill and our bespoke ageing unit creates a product in a league of its own. 

The dry ageing process sees us place large locally sourced beef cuts into our carefully controlled cabinet. Here the temperature, moisture and light levels are monitored daily, ensuring the precise hummidty levels which are needed to take the texture of the meat to the next level. 

The environment reduces the moisture content in the meat, meanwhile naturally present enzymes in muscle tissue begin to break down the fibres and connecting tissues, softening the texture, forming the melt in the mouth sensation.

The enzyme process also concerntrates and enriches the flavour of the meat, creating the stronger, igniting flavour which sets it apart from anything else out there. 

Fancy a try, head over to our website and get signed up to the unique dry aged steak subscription.