Butchers Notes


In May expect to find the king of all steaks arriving at your door.

We are currently maturing some of Yorkshires finest beef in order to bring you your next hand selected dry aged steak.

The butchers pick will be a 16oz Sixty Day Dry Aged T-Bone Steak. With this particular steak you get the best of both worlds, with a soft tender fillet on one side and the ever popular sirloin on the other this steak is unlike any other.

The ageing process gives the steak a flavour that is full of intensity, tenderness &  richness within the meat, giving you the ultimate steak experience.



What a treat we have for you!

Tucked away in our Dry Ageing cabinet over here in Yorkshire are some fantastic ribs of beef, of what we aim to do is prepare 10oz forty five day dry aged ribeyes for our June subscribers.

The ageing process has given the fat a buttery popcorn flavour giving you a melt in mouth experience. Fast becoming the most popular dry aged steak on the market due to its powerful marbling and flavour we can’t wait to get this steak out for you to try.