Butchers Notes



April 23rd is the start of #BritishBeefWeek and we will of course be celebrating.


There is so much more to british beef that needs celebrating, from the generations of farmers who have introduced sustainable selective breeding methods to grow, mix and enhance the breeds of cattle to the management of allowing these breeds to offer each consumer a different texture or flavour.


We’re very passionate about our farming community, they adapt and work extreamly hard, providing their cattle with a stress free rearing envrioment. Working the land to ensure its longjevity and grass production whist also studying natural supplements, minerals and food sources to meet every need of their cattle’s life.


Each piece of meat should be respected and enjoyed which is why we take such pride in each steak of beef we sell to our customers, we’re careful when cutting, cooking and apprieciative when dining.


This british beef week, join us as we celebrate! Head to our subscribe page and choose between a weekly or monthly subscription for one or two.. its up to you! Or take a look at our gifts and treat yourself, its britsih beef week afterall.


#RaiseYourSteaks and celebrate with the Dry Aged Steak Co.